If you are looking for a new career and have a criminal history, there is nothing more demoralizing than the anxious criminal background check. According to a survey the percentage of employers who carry out background checks has increased 55%, with 96% of employers conducting background checks prior to taking into service.

Though it may be demanding, it is not impossible for somebody with a criminal record to find a career. The top secret to land a career when you have a criminal record is to know the impact that it has on your career search so that you can plan accordingly.

You May Be Disqualified from Certain Career Opportunities

This is very critical in your career search. It is normal routine that most of private businesses and government agencies are required by law to execute a routine security clearance or background check before hiring someone. There are many fields in which this security check is essential before hiring a candidate and they are;

  • Career Jobs directly related with children
  • Airport Security Staff
  • Driving Jobs with a commercial license
  • Security Guards
  • Financial institution Jobs and other similar careers

Depending on the nature of the offense and how long it has been since you were convicted, you may be excluded from Career opportunities in certain professions.

You May Find it Difficult to Move Forward in Your Career

It is possible that you may be capable to market yourself well and be employed by a great company. On the other hand, many people with criminal records never move forward in their career because they are considered a risk to the company’s status. Even if your employer is aware of your history, they will most likely preserve top places for best workforce who symbolizes the principles and morals that the corporation presents to the public.

Your Reliability may be Called into Question in Career Search

If the offense involved fraudulence or capital, potential managers may automatically think that you are not as dependable as a candidate without a doubtful past. It is very important to be as truthful as possible in your career and to give outstanding professional or quality references from people who have no criminal record and will confirm to the fact that you deserve to be trusted.

It is a general observation that out of 5,000 employers, 50% to 60% would not think selecting a candidate with a criminal history. The main reason quoted by these employers is their apprehension that the company could possibly be held legally responsible in the event that the employee then commits an offense while working.

Luckily, there are laws in place that are intended to defend career applicants. Potential employers must get your written consent prior to performing a background or security check. They must also reveal the name of the agency that provided negative information and follow many other central and state policies.

We have discussed some basic reasons that will affect your career if you have criminal record. If, unfortunately, you have some kind of criminal record then follow the preventive measures and make your career safe.


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