A U.S. doctor can be referred to as a licensed medical practitioner who has undergone extensive training for over 11 years. This period is inclusive of 4 years for undergraduate and another 4 years training in a medical school. Medical school training is divided into 2 years of clinical training and 2 years classroom training. By the end of training, one has to finish a three to seven years residency program. The following are some of the steps one need to follow to become a professional doctor.

Earn Yourself a Medical Undergraduate Degree

For you to get into a medical school in the U.S., a bachelor’s degree is mandatory. A medical school will only take somebody with extensive knowledge in natural sciences and healthcare setup. A medical school gives priority to someone who has completed undergraduate coursework in physics, biology, mathematics, chemistry and English. It is advisable that before committing to a medical school, a student can volunteer in clinics or healthcare environment to gain healthcare experience.

For you to get into a medical school in the U.S., a bachelor’s degree is mandatory.

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Pass The Medical College Admission Test

This a mandatory medical test carried out by all medical schools in the United State. Content areas will entail general chemistry, biology, physics and organic chemistry. This is standardization test for assessing problem-solving ability, writing skills, and verbal reasoning. A student planning to join a medical school can take up to three test a year, and on good results will be absorbed by a medical school.

Earn An Undergraduate Medical Degree

As I have stated above, a med-school program will last for 4 years, 2 years for coursework and laboratory work. The last 2 years, a student will work with the patient directly under qualified doctor supervision. To mention, the study work content in a med-school will cover areas in pathology, pharmacology, biochemistry and anatomy. During the third year mostly, a student will cover special areas like radiology, neurology, and medicine. Clinical experiences will also give a student a chance to identify the residency he /she can give preference after graduation.

Complete a Residency Training

This is a program that will offer an aspiring doctor a chance to work directly with the patient in the area of specialization. A good doctor has to deal with many conditions including heart attacks, joch itch treatment and other severe pains. Here, the trainee is supervised by a qualified medic, and may be responsible for handling a number of patients a day. Depending on your specialization area, it can take you between 3 to 7 years in a residency.

Finally Get Licensed

For one to fully operate as a medical doctor has to get an operating license. Requirements differ from state to state. General requirements will demand one to have completed medical school program and passing all the medical licensing exams. Mostly, it takes 11 to 15 years to meet all the requirements for this. This includes time taken in undergraduate, medical school and the residency program.


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